Art and Design Management Group (ADMG) is a full service agency providing real world, profitable and goal-achieving solutions for creative individuals and businesses.

With a focus on the art and design industry, ADMG provides complete brand management solutions to a variety of clients, ranging from creative service providers (designers, interior decorators, writers, visual artists), culinary arts businesses, as well as non-profit sector and start-up enterprises. Tailored solutions are implemented by a team that boasts a diverse range of skills and experience, guaranteeing to transform your brand and put you on the map. Our services include public relations, product and business development, brand management, distribution plans, as well as executing promotional events and campaigns.


From public relations, to event production, market research and analysis, we do it all. We know what it takes to make a successful business. We know its hard work and does not always work out as planed. At ADMG we also know the Creative’s process and truly understand their needs. Whether its to build a business or help manage one, ADMG staff pride them selves in making the Creative’s in our society own and run successful businesses.

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